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An Introduction to Lifestyle Coaching House

Fed Up of Watching the Cool Girls Crumble

Sam Smith 


It was ten years ago when I first noticed it happening;  We were starting to crumble.  I had my own grapple with chronic stress tangled migraines, but it wasn't just me, or migraines.  All around me I started to notice doses of self doubt, shifty motivation, newfound fear,  more bad clothes days, more bad hair days, misjudgment, un-expected emotional implosions, the occasional identity dropping out with a placenta, and the general feeling the shift in life had shifted...out of control.  

We went from feeling infallible with countless confidence we never questioned to being over loaded, over extended and... over achieving actually.  We added more;  Promotions.  Pets.  Travel.  Businesses.  Bosses.  Boyfriends.  Boards.  Husbands (wives).  Kids.  Politics.  PTA.

Modern day stresses, obsessive tech rituals, mental fatigue, multi-faceted living, FOMO at work and home, repeated over exertion in mind and body, and never taking our eyes off the future while persistently pushing the present can, in any given dose, prevent our natural intuitive skills from surfacing and ultimately leaving us feeling pretty bemused and City Frazzled.

Distorted perspectives and deficient self image can impact ambition, creativity and self assurance, and there is no need or benefit for creative, successful, and otherwise highly resourceful women to entertain the weight of self-doubt and such as the by-product of their own success.  It is a useless and draining endeavor.  It holds you back.

Balance is a modern quest, yet an entirely subjective pursuit, which can be easy to miss in an age of gurus begging for your adherence.  The Future is Modern Deportment:  learning how to carry yourself, suss your symmetry, lift your mist, and live your life fully embracing the glamor, grit and greatness, while maintaining a healthy disregard for self-criticism and the insta-sludge of comparison.

This was the catalyst for Lifestyle Coaching House, for its programs, theories, writing, and research.  I retrained after many years in fashion and lifestyle brand building, and shifted my professional focus from brands to people.  I became a Professional Certified Life Coach (accredited by the International Coach Federation and International Coach Academy), and  a Holistic Health Practitioner (certified and accredited by the State University of New York and Institute for Integrative Nutrition).  

Using my professional coach knowledge, a cauldron of experience, and some lengthy research and exploration into what was missing in the coaching field and what women needed to bring back (or fire up) the confidence into their lives,  I developed five programs:  Modern Deportment, Style Identity, Stretched Mother, City Frazzled, and Lifestyle Balance.  Each program is founded upon the principles of Glossy Realism.  

Lifestyle Coaching House is not a home for festering disruptive emotions.   It is a Creative Coaching company catering to the lifestyles of modern women.

Glossy Realism is accepting your power in a situation, harnessing that power, of which yours is unique, and making strengthening choices as to what you tune into and tune out.  It is about perspective and intuition.  It is about reclaiming the good stuff and dealing with the rest.  Self Assured.  Smiling.  Living.  Rise Above.