Lifestyle Coaching House is a New York based Modern Deportment & Style Identity Consultancy.  

We deal in Glossy Realism and work with Private and Group Clients and also host events.

Founder Sam Smith holds ICF and ICA Board Certifications as a Professional Life Coach (PCC) and Holistic Coach (HHC,  AADP) certifications from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and SUNY.

Following a Degree (BA Hons) in Fashion Promotion and Illustration (UCA) Sam embarked on an extensive career in Fashion, Design, and Brand Building.

Full witness to side affect of success all around her, she got fed up of watching the cool girls crumble and set herself the goal of creating an inspiring, progressive place to Define and Refine Style and Life as a Subjective Pursuit; Sussing the Symmetry, Lifting the Mist and summoning the strength to Do it Your Way

And here we are.

Her clientele spans London, Paris, and New York, and includes Designers, Publicists, Entrepreneurs, Award Winning Artists, Writers, Lawyers, Surgeons, Philosophers, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Lecturers, Stretched Mothers, and Scientists.