City Frazzled


Modern day stresses, mental fatigue, multi-faceted living, FOMO at work and home, repeated over-exertion in mind and body, obsessive tech rituals, and never taking our eyes of the future while persistently pushing the present can leave us feeling pretty City Frazzled.

When City Frazzled, an otherwise sparklingly brilliant woman can be rendered anxious, indecisive, and demotivated with lost confidence, lost awareness and a gap in her pluck and balance .  This is the place where the cool girls crumble.

City Frazzled coaching encourages thought provocation and self-identification of what needs to be done to get back to who and how you want to be.

During this Life Coaching program you will receive bespoke Life Coaching from  New York based Certified Professional Life Coach and Certified Health Coach Sam Smith.  

The process of Life Coaching is an empowering and progressive process with an emphasis on creating the solution rather than dwelling within the problem.

At LCH we believe each of our clients is the expert of her life, and through the coaching process she will be able to Lift the Mist on whatever is holding her back, and suss what she really wants, strike her own motivation, define her goals, and identify and address what she needs to change in order to curate herself a lifestyle in tune with what she wants to be and where she wants to go. 

When you enter a coaching relationship it is important to look for someone you have strategic chemistry with.  Someone who will be there to listen, to expand your mainframe, someone to help you plot, plan, brainstorm, re-balance, and connect.  

For this reason at Lifestyle Coaching House we offer a complimentary 15 minute Skype introduction to prospective clients.




6 x 50 Minute Individual Coaching Sessions conducted via phone.

Weekly Text & Email Support.

Online Program Page.

Instruction in the LCH Lift The Mist model.

House Style newsletters.

This program is available internationally. Sessions are conducted via Skype audio. If you are based in New York City and wish to conduct your sessions in person please email

Lifestyle Coaching House was founded by Sam Smith, a Certified Professional Life Coach accredited by the International Coach Federation and International Coach Academy, and Certified Holistic Health Coach accredited by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and the State University of New York. Fed up of watching cool girls crumble, the former brand and creative consultant set herself the goal of creating an inspiring, supportive, empathizing (not patronizing) realistic (yet optimistic) and cheese-free progressive, private place to Lift the Mist and shift perspectives, inspired by the lifestyles and lifestrives of the women she meets, works with, and hangs out with, their geographical diversity and clear common accumulation of cultural stress and side effects of their success.

Learn more about the how The International Coach Federation defines Coaching and how it differs to therapy, consulting, mentorship and training by clicking here.