City Frazzled | Side Affected

City Frazzled | Side Affected



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City Frazzle hits us all in different ways - stress, sleepless nights, irritability, lethargy, over eating, under eating, bitchy retorts, judgmental attitudes, fear, anxiety, over active, under active, middle of the night panics, sleeping through the alarm, the feeling of dread that you can't put your finger on, venomous thoughts, caffeine crutches, and physical ailments...  We all have side effects to the stretched expectations we set for ourselves.  Modern day stresses, obsessive tech rituals, mental fatigue, multi-faceted living, FOMO at work and home, repeated over exertion in mind and body, and never taking our eyes off the future while persistently pushing the present can prevent our natural intuitive skills from surfacing and alerting us to choices, warnings, situations and opportunities, and ultimately leave us feeling pretty City Frazzled.

This is one of the collective events associated to The Lifestyle Coaching House | City Frazzled Coaching Program.  You may or may not have taken City Frazzled, either way you are welcome to attend this intimate LCH Salon where we will consider, with confidential camaraderie, the notion of side affects to our success.




This LCH Salon is limited to 16 guests.  Guests must be 21 or over.  Wine and water, and Lifestyle Coaching House stationery and correspondence (all will be explained) is provided.

Lifestyle Coaching House Events are small and intimate salons attending to various topical and lifestyle based themes with the ultimate desire to enhance, inspire, empower and motivate.

Events are small but happen often.  We also host International Salons via Skype Groups.  To hear of all forthcoming events or to request we hold one again, please sign up to the House Style Newsletter.