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We live in an age of super judgement, and thanks to Social Media and mass habits of fervent posting and constant commenting we have become an opinion-nation, with more people feeling the right and responsibility to pass public comment and judge the world around them than at any time before in history.  But what is the turning point between being opinion purveyor or making a comment, and passing a critical judgment?  Most people believe we own the rights to our opinions, but how many of us slip over our rights and cast judgement on others for theirs?

The backlash of course is when the judgment lands on us.  Feeling and being judged incites different responses in different people.  Is judgment a boomerang where you get what you give?  Is there a magic cape we can apply to allow those with public lives and occupations of pursuits that render them open to judgment less affected?  All of this and more will be discussed in this LCH Salon.

Comments can be cohesive.  Comments can be tribe forming.  When we publicly pass the same judgment we feel bound and part of something, a feeling that can be comforting in times of political instability.   Especially when things don't swing your way.  But comments quickly turn to judgment on those who disagree.

This event is part of the collective events associated to The Lifestyle Coaching House | Modern Deportment Program.  You may or may not have taken Modern Deportment, either way you are welcome to attend this intimate LCH Salon where we will consider, with confidential camaraderie, the notion of side affects to our success.  

Judgment hits us in different ways from obnoxious attitudes towards others to introverted loathing of ourselves.  Breaking it down as a toxic concept gives us the opportunity to minimize it in our lifestyles.  But what does social media usage of this level do to ones character? - tech neck, early onset jowls and time loss excluded.  Aiken argues that online our personalities become “bolder, less inhibited, and judgement impaired” which goes some way to align the sometimes nonchalant venom spouted with such ease over social media.  Nonchalance which turns to anxiety when these soapboxes incite a counterattack.    




This LCH Salon is limited to 16 guests.  Guests must be 21 or over.  Wine and water, and Lifestyle Coaching House stationery and correspondence (all will be explained) is provided.

Lifestyle Coaching House Events are small and intimate salons attending to various topical and lifestyle based themes with the ultimate desire to enhance, inspire, empower and motivate.

Events are small but happen often.  We also host International Salons via Skype Groups.  To hear of all forthcoming events or to request we hold one again, please sign up to the House Style Newsletter.