Dear Friends,

Many years ago there was a time when it was possible to slip away without checking in.  Where a moment to yourself meant a moment to recharge.

I specifically remember all those years ago walking through Soho Square in London and seeing my friend Justin laying on the grass.  He was an A&R about to sign the biggest band in London.  "What are you doing?" I asked.  "Taking a swim in lake me." He replied matter-of-factly, lifting his head briefly and shielding his eyes from the sun before plopping back down and ignoring me.   I shuttled frenetically off to my meeting and never forgot the encounter.

The irony, is that a man never feels the need to justify a swim in lake me however busy he is, while many women feel too guilty to take a dip.  

A Halfternoon is half an afternoon to do just that.  It's enough to resuscitate when you're a stretched mother or city frazzled, and yet not nearly long enough to be guilt inducing or squandered multitasking.  

A Halfternoon is entirely subjective in choice of pursuit, genre, cost, location, refreshments, company (or lack of) and and completely down to personal taste.  The form below is for your kind Halfternoon suggestions that we may include in the Halfternoon Index -  House Style | the Halfternoon - Something that presents an opportunity as you see it to reset and retune in an otherwise hectic lifestyle.  Through shared awareness it is hoped that the more frenetic among us might suss the symmetry to tend to our own ratio of requirements.

Thank you very much in advance for your participation,

Sam xxx