The process of Style Coaching is designed to help Lift the Mist on your sartorial snags; from overzealous spending to amassed unworn clothing, lack of motivation to fear of fashion, lifestyle changes to loss of confidence, clothes on repeat, indecision, incessant bad clothes days, critical judgment, expectation, copy cat inclinations, alter-ego predilections... we all have our 'thing' and we usually get into patterns that mean we do those 'things' repeatedly.

Personal style is a subjective pursuit, one that requires us to reclaim our self assurance and create our own classification, to respond to the realism of lifestyle demands, suss our subliminal choices, and keep sight of the potential out there beyond the comfort zone.

During the Lifestyle Coaching House Style Identity coaching program you will explore the underlying beliefs and subliminal style choices attached to your selections and spending, and repurpose non-serving perspectives to support the way you want to feel in your clothes, and how you wish to be perceived, as you create, define and refine your style identity within the framework of a bespoke Style Blueprint.

It is both emotionally, financially, and environmentally relevant to suss our style patterns and what we really want from our wardrobes.   

The connection between self-image and self-confidence is well documented and gaining greater self awareness and style purpose liberates us to tune out the clutter and increase confidence, self awareness, self respect and self esteem, the motivation to feel and look good, the power to release judgement, the fear of being judged, and the celebration of individuality. 

Style Identity is a fresh approach to traditional styling, whereby one's image is judged and one's wardrobe critiqued (and usually replaced with more stuff you know you're never going to wear).  By contrast, Style Coaching is a coaching / styling hybrid, placing the power of analysis in the clients hands, with the collaborative support of a stylist.

Style Coaching follows the belief that you are the expert of your life, and through a creative discovery process you will be able to release your rut and enjoy your style potential.

style identity


Before beginning Style Coaching it is important to pause and consider what it is you wish to achieve from the process.  Are you looking to focus on a specific aspect of your personal style? Achieve confidence, cool, or elegance from your clothing?  Overcome shopping habit ruts? Incessant bad clothes days? Approach a new era?  Or something else?  To begin your program you will outline your Style Objectives using a digital form on the private Style Coaching client page.  

You will then complete a four part Style Inventory of your existing wardrobe to help identify subliminal style choices behind your Clothes that Don't (work for you), Clothes that Do (work for you), Like for Like (those you buy in multiples and wear maybe three of) and False Positives (those sagging joggers that you wear all the time but feel lousy inside).

Byway of the Style Inventory and the bespoke nature of your personal Style Objectives you will, over the course of the four session coaching program, Lift the Mist on your sartorial snags and ultimately develop your own bespoke Style Blueprint of guidelines to move you forward. 

Program Includes:

4 x 60-90 Minute Individual Style Coaching Sessions.  Sessions are held in New York City.

Program customization according to personal Style Objectives.

Preparatory work comprising four-part Style Inventory.

Holistic Shopping Tutorial.

Access to private online Style Coaching Program Page featuring preparatory forms and guidelines, articles, and 'Cheer Me' resource.

Email and Text Support throughout your Program.

Co-creation of your Personal Style Blueprint featuring Custom Style Guidelines based upon your personal Style Objectives and Criteria.

Before Registering for this program please contact us to ask any questions that you might have, check availability, and reserve your preferred Coaching Session Day/Times.  Sessions are typically held weekly or bi-monthly.  On receipt of your expressed interest you will be contacted to confirm availability of your preferred coaching schedule or provided with available alternatives.  Upon which you have 24hrs to proceed to booking confirmation and payment of your program to secure your coaching schedule.  We regret that we are unable to hold schedules longer than 24hrs without confirmation of program participation.




Personal style evolves.  Seasons change.  Needs adjust. Especially in New York.  Boost, Adapt, and Evolve your Style Blueprint, re-inforce your Style Guidelines, refresh your Style Criteria, and resist outdated habits  with the support of individual Style Coaching Booster sessions.

Sessions can be booked on an individual basis, or pre-booked in advance and customized according to your personal Style Blueprint and acute style needs.

Style Boosters build upon your Style Blueprint to adapt and expand for seasonal changes, lifestyle and career developments and to support and motivate the process of change.

Sessions are also useful to tackle upcoming life and event requirements such as Events, Functions, Tours, Promotional Schedules, Travel, Professional Engagements, and role changes.



Lifestyle Coaching House was founded by Sam Smith, a Certified Professional Life Coach accredited by the International Coach Federation and International Coach Academy, and Certified Holistic Health Coach accredited by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and the State University of New York. She has a degree in Fashion Promotion and Illustration and specialized study in the History of Fashion.   Fed up of watching cool girls crumble, the former fashion brand and creative consultant set herself the goal of creating an inspiring, supportive, empathizing (not patronizing) realistic (yet optimistic) and cheese-free progressive, private place to Lift the Mist and shift perspectives, inspired by the lifestyles and lifestrives of the women she meets, works with, and hangs out with, their geographical diversity and clear common accumulation of cultural stress and side effects of their success.

Learn more about the how The International Coach Federation defines Coaching and how it differs to therapy, consulting, mentorship and training by clicking here.