The Halfternoon: A BEGINNERS GUIDE





Many years ago there was a time when it was possible to slip away without checking in.  When a moment to yourself meant a moment to recharge and not a moment for invasion from the glow of a miniature screen and the diversions it brings. 

I specifically remember all those years ago walking through Soho Square in London and seeing my friend Justin laying on the grass.  He was an A&R about to sign the biggest band in London.  "What are you doing?" I asked.  "Taking a swim in lake me." He replied, lifting his head briefly and shielding his eyes from the sun before plopping back down and ignoring me. 

The irony is that a man never feels the need to justify a swim in lake me how ever busy he is, while many women feel too guilty to take a dip.  

A Halfternoon is half an afternoon once a week to do just that.  It's enough to provide resuscitation to the spirit, enough to help you feel more like you again when you're city frazzled and side affected from your own success, and yet not nearly long enough to be guilt inducing or squandered multitasking.  

The Halfternoon is entirely subjective in pursuit, but we provide some inspiration for both staying in and going out and also get suggestions from friends and clients.

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Sam Smith is founder of Lifestyle Coaching House